Reused and Recycled: The Benefit of Local Resellers

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by Jason Grabinger

Many of us love taking a day to cruise around town visiting garage sales. In fact, it could be considered a favorite pastime of many local residents. However, garage sales are hard to find during the colder months. Fortunately, Saint Cloud is home to numerous stores that sell reused or revamped furniture, household items, clothing, and so much more year round. Some of these are local business ventures, and others are operated to benefit non-profit organizations. Either way, shopping at these stores is a way to buy quality products at a phenomenal value and benefitting the local economy or the mission of local non-profits while doing it.

For those who are seeking unique items and antiques, stores such as Rusty Pick, Bumbledee’s, Gypsy Lea’s, Restore, Habitat for Humanity, Savers, Wacosa, Salvage Sisters, and others are a great choice. It is fun to browse and witness the creativity and quality products available to enhance any décor. For those who are looking for fun DIY projects, or simply want to stretch their dollars as far as possible, stores including Saver’s, Wacosa Thrift Store, and others are ripe for the picking. Shopping with these organizations is also a great way to support local causes. Donations are also welcomed and are a win for all involved. The stores have more merchandise to sell, with profits going towards their mission, you feel good, and can even use donations as a write off on your taxes. For those remodeling or building, there is even a used store that caters to you. Habitat for Humanity Restore is an excellent place to find lightly used or new items from doors and windows to cabinets and fixtures, and so much more.

By shopping for reused and recycled items, the benefits reach far beyond our own convenience and value. It reaches even beyond providing needed funding to important organizations and causes. Recycling and reusing is exceptionally important to our environment and sustainability. It reduces waste in our landfills, and the waste of products with a lot more life in them. In addition, these stores boost the local economy and keep dollars flowing and working right here at home. The stores provide employment opportunities, and some even provide jobs for individuals with special needs, teaching them to care for themselves.

Saint Cloud and the surrounding area is fortunate to have a good number of resellers to choose from, and you never know what treasures you may find. Whether you need a new wardrobe, furniture for your home, tools, or any other need, give our local resellers a try. The good that comes from it is powerful.

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