Newcomer Service Guide to Finding Quality Childcare

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Whenever you move, there is a great deal on your plate. Our mission at Newcomer Service is to help new movers make the transition as simple and painless as possible. Many issues will require your attention. You may be dealing with packing and unpacking or learning your way around. Perhaps you have a new job to get accustomed to, or must adapt to a new way of life. Many of the details are rather simple such as changing your address at the post office or having your driver’s license updated. Other details can be much more important. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you find the best quality daycare for your children. Even if your move was only across town, the childcare provider you choose has an enormous responsibility, and it is critical that you are comfortable and confident with your decision. The Saint Cloud Area has a number of exceptional options to choose from. This guide is far from all-encompassing. However, hopefully it will serve as a starting point to meeting your family’s childcare needs.

Start Early; Make a Plan, Ask Questions

Time may not be a luxury you have, however, the sooner you start your childcare search, the more relaxed and comfortable you are likely to be. Before seeking out providers, make a list of the things most important to you. Do you require daycare during special hours, do you have a strict budget, and are there amenities or features you aren’t willing to sacrifice. Understand what you need and want, and develop your list into questions that can quickly narrow down your search.

Find out Policies, Practices and Methods

Everyone has different opinions regarding the nurturing, discipline, and education of their children. Make sure that the childcare provider you choose aligns with your own. Ask about a typical day, nutrition options, how they handle negative behaviors and interactions, and what activities occur. Discuss any special needs your child may have and how the provider intends to adapt to them. Having a childcare provider on the same page as your family will help to ensure a positive experience and healthy environment for all.

Consider Safety, Location, Comfort, and Staff

Check the location of the provider and determine if they are in a convenient location. Is it a safe neighborhood? Does the home or facility have a fence and is it childproofed? Is the location comfortable, clean, and well organized? Do they have enough staff to meet the needs of all the children attending? Ask about safety issues including first aid and CPR. Is the provider licensed? If your child takes medication, know the policies involved. In short, pay attention to the little details to make sure it is a place that you believe your child will be protected.

Go With Your Gut

In the end, you will likely have a feeling whether or not a particular childcare option is right for you. Trust your feelings and don’t second guess yourself. If you have concerns, be sure to address them and receive satisfactory responses. Contact as many childcare options as you need to find the best one for your children. We have worked with many childcare providers over the years, and below is a short list of a few we trust to get you started. Check out their websites for more information, or to ask them any questions you may have. All would be happy to help you.