“Beauty & Strength, Women of Africa” Mosaic

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Lee Ann Goerss, teaching artist

This mosaic grouping was created during my second year as a Teaching Artist with students from Hands Across the World (HAW). My initial ideas for the mosaic centered on the natural elements of the African continent. During the research process, I came across a photograph of a Somali woman dressed in hot pink. She was striking. Immediately my whole mindset changed, as I was remembering the women from my first class at HAW. In the creative process, my concept was changing from panels representing the place to panels representing the people…the heart of any country. As an Artist, my art has always been about symbolism. My card line is under the name ‘Sarang’s Song’, Art with a Message. The emotion behind this mosaic grouping is the commonality found in ‘sisterhood’ and respect for another person’s journey.

Each panel has its own message:
Women in Pink – Strength | Women Grouping – Sisterhood | Tree – Roots
Butterfly – Evolvement | Woman & Child – Motherhood | Head – Beauty
Sometimes visual images have the ability to convey what words cannot. My hope
is that this mosaic grouping will have a thoughtful influence on diverse culture.
— Lee Ann Goerss, Artist

This organization is funded, in part, by United Arts of Central Minnesota. This organization is funded, in part, by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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